What are the key ingredients of your shampoo?
July 04, 2022

What are the key ingredients of your shampoo?

When we are talking about kids, the first visual that arises in mind is soft and sensitive scalp and skin that does not require high toxic chemicals in the form of shampoo and body wash. Before the chemical and toxic shampoo era, parents were using completely raw and natural ingredients which were grown in their backyard. Though the invention of shampoos helped to get the combination of best available products with much less effort, they also introduced chemical and toxic substances that caused a number of skin issues such as irritation, itching and many dermatological problems.

As parents, we should think be well aware of what goes inside the skin care products whhich we use for our babies. Here are the key ingredients of a typical shampoo:

a.) Aqua/water: Using deionized water i.e. removes all of the charged ions in the water, making it safe to mix into baby shampoo that does not cause any skin issue.

b.) Surfactants: known as detergents are the main cleansing ingredient of shampoo and make up 10 to 20% of it and that should be naturally derived.

c.) Foaming agents: They make up 5 to 10% of the shampoo and are added to aid the surfactants.

d.) Conditioning gum: Natural ingredients such as guar gum powder, it provides a smooth texture and makes application easy.As a non toxic emulsifier that binds to liquids and forms a thick material,Guar gum contains an ingredient that can absorb water and thicken the mixture. When applied to your hair, this mixture coats it with a transparent layer that thickens your hair strands.

e.) Pro-vitamin: Pro-vitamin B5 can help to hydrate the scalp of a baby and help to grow hair effectively and complete the vitamin part.

f.) PH Adjustment: A pH-balanced shampoo prevents moisture loss, taming frizz and reducing static. It also prevents the scalp from producing too much oil after you shampoo. Less than or equal to 5.5 is considered good in baby shampoo.

g.) Humectant: humectants work as magnets that attract water. They pull moisture from the air into the upper layer of your skin.Humectants work much in the same way when applied to your hair. They help your hair draw in and retain more moisture.

Conclusion:  As parents its our responsibility to choose products with safe ingredients.  To help with this, T&H organics takes a step forward to be transparent about their ingredients and let parents know what they are getting in the form of liquid mixture for their little one. the ingredients and their safety listing of every product is listed in the products page.