T&H Organics Cold Pressed Organic Olive Oil Hair, Skin and Baby Massage | 100% Pure, Natural and Organic Olive Oil | 100 ml | In Glass Bottle

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  • WHY OLIVE OIL :Popularly known as liquid gold , Olive Oil is packed with vitamins E, A, D, K, antioxidants and hydrating squalene making it work well for skin and hair.
  • SKIN & HAIR BENEFITS: High presence of Vitamin E and other ingredients in Olive Oil promote hydration and scalp care. The goodness of vitamin E works as an antioxidant, guarding the skin from harmful external factors like sun rays and air pollutants. Vitamin E also help in curing acne and kills bacteria.
  • BABY MASSAGE BENEFITS: The moisturizing and soothing benefits of Olice Oil make it one of the most popular oils for nourishing baby's skin. The presence of multi vitamins also helps in baby scalp and hair care without the presence of any harmful ingredients.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC TO PRESERVE QUALITY - T&H Organics olive oil is certified India Organic based on the stringent verification processes used for organic certifications in India.
  • WHY GLASS BOTTLE: T&H Organics Olive Oil is available in Dark glass bottle to preserve its freshness and purity.
  • TOXIN FREE - T&H Organics Certified Organic Olive Oil is India Organic organic, GMO-free and Free from harmful chemicals like parabens etc.

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